Thank you for your interest in us, we truly appreciate it. We are artists who create beautiful pieces of practical art for our customers. Some people try to call our products “furniture”, but the truth is that we create commissioned works of art that you can actually use.

Since our commissioned pieces are focused on our customers needs, everything we build is highly customized, and it is because of this that you can’t just click a button to order something (with some minor exceptions), and believe us when we tell you that we tried. So because of the necessary human touch needed to place your order correctly, we ask that you send us a message or give us a call at 956-758-1115 and we will gladly walk with you through the amazing journey of creating your custom piece of practical art.

Fun fact: because you are commissioning us to build you a piece of practical art you get to enjoy some tax benefits as a result. We go over this during the process and we will let you know if your order qualifies.