About Us

Woodworking was, and in many ways still is my hobby. I wake up every morning and I get to go play with the coolest toys out there, saws, planers, drills, impacts, chisels, tractors, 4-wheelers, chainsaws, and so much more, all of these are the toys that we get to use while creating your custom conversation pieces. At the end of the day, everyone who works here is a child at heart, and we just love waking up in the morning because while everyone goes to work dreading their “Mondays” we go on what is essentially a grownup 8-hour recess.

I don’t tell you this, so you think “Oh great, I hired a man-child to build my fence”, no, I tell you this, so you know that when you hired us, you hired people who truly love what they do. We pay attention to the details, we come up with creative solutions, we share our knowledge with our community, and we come up with amazing designs just for you, and we do all of that while having the time of our lives and enjoying ourselves while most people sit in a cubical waiting for 5 pm to roll around.

Everything we do, we do with love, passion, and a child’s level of enthusiasm circa Christmas morning (or in my case, Chanukah evening) and we bring all of this to you through our final product, be it a refinishing or restoration job, a custom table, a pergola for your back yard, or a fence to keep the neighbor’s dog out of your BBQ. We only wish that we can spread more enthusiasm to everyone around us, and really share as many smiles, laughter, and happiness as we can through our work because that is what makes this just that much more special. At least to me.