Restoration and Refinishing

What is the difference between restoration and refinishing?

Restoration is when we take a very old and very valuable piece of furniture and restore it to its original glory, all while maintaining its value to the fullest. Once an old piece of furniture is restored, its value will never be the same, so always try to avoid this if possible. But sometimes water or fire damage happens, even accidents, and this is where we come in because even though you know how to fix a table leg, the difference between us doing it and you doing it could sometimes mean a loss of value of thousands, if not tens of thousands, depending on the piece. So, if you have any doubts, give us a call, send us some pictures, and we will be more than happy to guide you and let you know if there is anything you should worry about.

Refurbishing is when we take a piece of furniture and completely redo the exterior. We remove all the old finishes and paint, and we start fresh. This process can be done by anyone, is not complicated, and doesn’t cost nearly as much as restoration does.

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